How and where can I insert alt texts for images in the survey?

Alt texts can be added to every uploaded image in the Image properties ->Image info. If you have included an image in your survey via “Upload”, the “Image properties” dialog box with the “Image Info” tab will open automatically. Enter your alt text there in the corresponding “Alternative text” field. “Alternative Text” input field for… Continue reading How and where can I insert alt texts for images in the survey?

How well do AI texts rank?

It almost seems like Google ranks AI texts relatively well. This is probably due to the fact that machine learners are able to process the content of a document faster and more accurately than a human editor. In addition, they can also handle a wider range of search terms, which means they are likely to… Continue reading How well do AI texts rank?

Further areas of application of the AIDA principle

Direct Mailings E-mail newsletters Commercials (TV and video) Advertisements (e.g. Adwords, Facebook Ads, Display Ads) Billboard advertising Landing pages Explainer videos Sales pitches Criticism of the AIDA model When competition is strong and customer demand is relatively low, it is important to address potential customers’ problems individually. Likewise, trust in the supplier then plays a… Continue reading Further areas of application of the AIDA principle

What is a heat map?

Heatmaps are used to visualize data. Mostly warm and cold colors are used to contrast different values. In online marketing, heat maps visualize areas on websites that need to be highlighted. For example, those that are in the special focus of users. They are mainly used to improve user experience and conversion rates. Types of… Continue reading What is a heat map?

HeyForm’s Profile Update Forms

You can also update the profiles of existing contacts using an online form. HeyForm offers you a special type of form for this: the profile update form which you can use to collect information about your subscribers, such as contact details or preferences and interests, even after the fact. As a general rule, the more… Continue reading HeyForm’s Profile Update Forms