9 sample questions for your employee survey questionnaire

The employee survey is probably the most common way for managers to gain insight into what their team members think about their job and the company where they are employed, and how they are motivated.

According to information from CEB Inc, 92% of all companies conduct employee surveys. The results are considered an important benchmark for strategic corporate decisions. 80% of senior executives believe that work motivation plays a crucial part in achieving corporate goals. So there’s no getting around employee surveys as a management tool.

What is an Employee survey?

First of all, an employee survey is exactly what its name suggests: a coordinated survey of the staff of a company. The aim is to collect data or opinions internally about certain areas or processes in a company.

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for managers to take their own job descriptions a bit too seriously. They see themselves exclusively in the role of leading the employees. That means they give instructions, control, monitor, and take responsibility. It is true that these are important points in the job description of a manager. Unfortunately, however, what is often overlooked is that, conversely, a lot can also be learned from one’s own employees.

What are the goals for employee surveys?

Employee surveys are intended to capture the mood and opinions of employees on various topics relevant to the company, such as general location determination, HR management, HR control, and, increasingly, strategic corporate management.

The range of objectives of employee surveys is multifaceted. They are the starting point to get the ball rolling for operational changes. Possible goals are:

  • Improving the working atmosphere
  • Increasing employee motivation
  • Improvement of corporate management
  • Reduction of the fluctuation/absenteeism rate
  • Increasing employee loyalty to the company
  • Support of new projects

9 sample questions for your employee survey

These questions can help you to increase the motivation of your employees by means of a well-thought-out and sensibly formulated employee survey, in order to have a positive effect on employee performance. Of course, these sample questions are formulated neutrally; their content must be adapted to your company and their form and tone to the management style prevailing in your company.

Sample questionnaire

  1. Do you understand the strategic goals of the company as a whole?
  2. Do you know in what way you help/can help the company to achieve these goals?
  3. Do you see a clear connection between your job/daily activities and the company’s goals?
  4. Are you proud to be a member of your team?
  5. Does your team inspire you to give your best?
  6. Does your team help you to do your job?
  7. Do you have enough information to make the right decisions in your job?
  8. Do you have a good understanding of the informal structures and processes in the company?
  9. Do you know who you would turn to for help if something unusual in the job surprised you?

These questions serve as orientation and can be used in your questionnaire. Combined with questions that are tailored to your company and the specific goal of your employee survey, these sample questions can effectively contribute to increasing your company’s performance. And remember: Honest and courageous employees deserve a big thank you.

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