Further areas of application of the AIDA principle

  • Direct Mailings
  • E-mail newsletters
  • Commercials (TV and video)
  • Advertisements (e.g. Adwords, Facebook Ads, Display Ads)
  • Billboard advertising
  • Landing pages
  • Explainer videos
  • Sales pitches

Criticism of the AIDA model

When competition is strong and customer demand is relatively low, it is important to address potential customers’ problems individually. Likewise, trust in the supplier then plays a greater role. The AIDA model does only limited justice to this.

The second point of criticism concerns the stimulus-response model, which in practice is not as monocausal as the model implies. One can by no means assume that a particular stimulus will elicit a particular response.

What is the AIDCAS model?

An extension of the AIDA model is the AIDCAS model. Here, two additional phases are added:

C for Confidence: In many business areas, a good basis of trust is elementary for success in sales.

S for Satisfaction: After the purchase is before the purchase. So everything must be done to keep the customer satisfied (e.g. Customer Success Management and Customer Support).