How should a seminar survey be structured in terms of content?

Basically, you always structure your seminar survey according to the concept “introduction – main part – conclusion”.

Already in the introduction, you have to win the trust and goodwill of your survey participants in order to get open and honest answers to the questions asked. Therefore, point out the purpose of the survey, including whether the answers will be anonymous or personalized, and what impact the feedback will have on the seminar in the future.

You should also include your business contact details with an e-mail address and, if applicable, telephone number for the survey participants so that they can get in touch with you.

As a little tip, brevity is known to be the spice of life – keep your request brief and look forward to receiving feedback.

The introduction is followed by the main part of the seminar survey. This can be designed individually and freely by you. If you use many questions for the seminar evaluation, you should subdivide them into topic blocks. This will give you and the seminar evaluators a better overview.

Also, ask questions with simple wording, and do not formulate double questions in one question. These are difficult or impossible to answer.

Here we give you a selection of possible questions for your seminar survey:

Topic 1: Organization & general conditions

Did you find the seminar room pleasant?

Were there enough chairs and tables?

Were there enough computers available?

Did you like the catering offered?

Were all the necessary working materials provided?

Topic 2: Structure of the seminar

Was the goal of the seminar well communicated?

Could the structure and the course of the seminar achieve the goal?

Were there sufficient breaks between the individual topics?

Was the course of the seminar varied?

Were there enough discussion rounds to promote learning?

Topic 3: Content of the event

Was the content clearly related to the goal of the seminar?

Could the individual topics be sufficiently covered in the allotted time?

Were there enough practical examples?

Did the visualizations help you to better understand the respective content?

Were your expectations completely fulfilled?

Topic 4: Evaluation of the speaker

Was the speaker friendly and courteous?

Did the speaker respond personally to the participants?

Was the speaker able to convey the content competently and simply?

Was the speaker able to answer the questions sufficiently?

Topic 5: Practical implementation

The contents learned are important and useful for me.

Have you already been able to implement the learned contents well?

Have you made concrete goals for the implementation of the contents?

Are there enough examples of application in the materials?

The subsequent acknowledgment forms the conclusion of the seminar questionnaire.

If you decide to use several feedback forms for the evaluation of the seminar, it is best to ask only about the quality of the respective program point during the event.

At the end of the seminar or a few days later, you can ask the participants again for their opinion regarding the organization and requests for improvement.