How to Add Your Vimeo Video To Your Form?

With HeyForm, you can easily embed videos and other materials directly into your invitation, web application, or survey. It’s a perfect way to present teasers for an upcoming event, for example, or give recipients the opportunity to rate video material.

Here we’ll walk you through how to embed a video from Vimeo into your form in HeyForm.

  1. Navigate to Vimeo and find the video you want to embed in the form. Then click on the “Share” button located at the top right of the movie.
  2. For best results, review the size of the embedded video in the settings that are presented when you click “Share”. For best results, the size of the video should be set to 640 in width. The height of the film will automatically change as you set the new width.

    Once you have changed the width in the video settings, select and copy all content in the Embed field.
  1. Go into edit mode in the HeyForm where you want to embed the video. Click on the introductory text under the heading to activate the text editor. After that, click on the “Insert video” icon.

Then paste the code from Vimeo that you copied and click on “Insert”.

The video will now appear full-width in your form. You can easily add your own text below or above the embedded video.